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***** دورة دراسة الجدوى - المرحلة الاولى  

***** دور القطاع الخاص العراقي في تفعيل مشاريع تنفيذ الطاقة  

***** حلقة نقاشية بعنوان "رؤية مستقبلية لتلبية حاجة المحطات الكهربائية للوقود" بالتعاون مع وزارتي النفط والكهرباء  

***** الحلقة النقاشية الاولى في 25 شباط 2012 بعنوان "دور التعليم العالي لتطوير قطاع الطاقة محور النفط والغاز"  

***** الحلقة النقاشية الثانية في 2 اذار 2013 بعنوان " الاسترتيجية الوطنية المتكاملة للطاقة "  

***** حلقات نقاشية حول ملف الطاقة في العراق  

***** مذكرة تفاهم مع شركة مهارات الزيت والغاز OGS  

***** اتفاقية تعاون(اكاديمية العراق للطاقة-وزارة النفط)  



 Iraq Energy Academy


The Iraq Energy Academy (IENA) Project was initiated by a group of Iraqi Energy experts and  academics  The  Academy  is   an  independent  scientific  establishment  whose programs and activities aim to promote and develop human resources in Iraq for the best  satisfaction  of  present  and  future  needs  of  the  country  through  a  process  of training, qualifying and capacity building of selected personnel to the level of being capable of developing and maintaining the energy sector in Iraq. This process is to be implemented with the direct help and expertise of Iraqi and international academics and professionals from inside as well as outside Iraq.


The implementation of the Academy project is a multi-stage process according to a comprehensive plan that extends over duration of (10) ten years till final completion. This plan calls for the cooperation and coordination between Iraqi national entities, universities and international institutes for the common target of preparing and graduating Iraqi personnel who fulfill the needs of the companies operating in the energy sector in Iraq.


The initiation of this project is the first of its kind and comes in line with the general development that the country is aiming for. The academy project focuses on various types of energy – not just oil and gas – and considers the impact of their development and application from all aspects including engineering, technical, administration, legal, and economical.



The  realization  and  success  of  this  vital  project  highly  depends  on  the  active participation and cooperation of all concerned, therefore we welcome your valuable comments and remarks that will be appreciated and considered by the Founding Committee of the Academy, for the better refinement and enrichment of the project proposal at this initial stage.


                              Dr. Ibrahim Bahr Al-Olom





Dr. Ibrahim Bahr Alolom


Appointed as Minister of Oil in Iraq for two terms, in 2003 under the Iraqi Governing Council (IGC), and in 2005 under the first elected government in Iraq.

 In 2005, he was elected as member of the National Iraqi Assembly. 

He earned his B.Sc in petroleum engineering from Baghdad University in 1976, as well as MS and PhD in petroleum engineering from USA in 1991. He has 30 years of experience in petroleum engineering in Kuwait, USA and UK. He has many publications in oil industry and politics.

He is a founder of IENA Iraq Energy Academy (2011), he also served as vice president of Bahr Alolom foundation for educational, health and humanitarian projects in Iraq since 2005. 

He remains an active figure in the energy sector as well as in Iraq political scene.








             Dr. Mohammed Al-Jawad


Dr. Mohammed Al-Jawad is a professor of Petroleum Engineering and Head of the Department of Petroleum Technology at the University of Technology in Baghdad. He is also the Liaison of the Ministry of Higher Education at the Ministry of Oil and Iraq Energy Academy Board member. He earned his PhD degree in 1997, Master degree in 1985, and Bachelor degree in 1981 all in petroleum engineering from Baghdad University. class="style18"> Al-Jawad worked as head of department, deputy dean and visiting professor to many universities including Colorado School of Mines, the University of Oklahoma, Khartoum University, and Hadramaout University. His research area includes reservoir simulation, reservoir management and optimization, and PVT modeling.



                                                       Dr. Ahmed Barifcani>

Holds BSc, MSc & PhD degrees in chemical engineering from the university of Birmingham UK, Fellow & Chartered scientist of the Institution of chemical engineers (UK).Over 30 years of industrial experience in Iraq in operation, engineering, construction, construction, project management, research & development in the fields of oil refining, gas processing and petrochemical industries and the last position held was advisor to the minister of oil in charge of the downstream sector. Over 20 years part time teaching at Iraqi universities and presently associate professor at Curtin University in Western Australia. Supervised 11 MSc and PhD theses and has 70 presentation & publication in conferences and journals in the areas of CO2 capture, hydrates, petrochemicals, oil refining, gas processing & low temperature gas separation processes.



         Dr. Hussain Ali Baker


Dr. Hussain is faculty member of PED –College of Engineering- University of Baghdad since 2004. Formerly he worked in PRC of CSR for more 18 years. Hussain hold PhD in Petroleum engineering from University of Baghdad and he is highly interested in applied mathematics, enhanced oil recovery, natural gas engineering, and phase behavior and well testing. He is a member of society of petroleum engineers (SPE).>






            Dr. Sadeq B.  Al Jawad

Dr. Sadeq Al Jawad is born in Baghdad- Iraq in the year 1944. In 1965, he earned his BS degree in Geophysics from The Pennsylvania State University –USA.l 1]>  In 1972 and later in 1975 he got the French DEA diploma and then his Doctorate in Applied Geology from Montpellier Academy – France. He is an expert of hydrogeology and a water resources consultant. His experience which extends over 45 years is a mixed of applied research and technical studies and consultations in both public and private sectors .During his employment between 1967 – 2008 by the Council for Scientific Research and then by the Ministry of Irrigation( Water Resources), he served as head of research and studies divisions for nearly 25 years. He produced over 60 publications including published research papers, projects studies and technical reports. In 2002-2004, he was a member of the Iraqi- international joint team in Geneva that prepared the Iraqi replies on the Environmental Claims submitted to the UNCC by neighboring countries to Iraq as a consequence to the Second Gulf War. He conducted research and prepared technical studies on groundwater to organizations in the region including the Arab Foundation for Science and Technology (ASTF), ESCWA, and ACSAD. His academic record as a visiting university staff included teaching both under and graduate levels and supervising an excess of twenty graduates theses.












Dr. Ihsan Al-Attar

As a member of Board of Trustees of the Iraq Energy Academy (IENA) , Dr. Ihsan Al-Attar is a procurement expert and an engineering project management consultant  with the Ministry of Oil. He earned his Ph.D degree in 1997 and his M.Sc degree in engineering and construction project management from Aston University in the UK  1979, and his B.Sc degree in civil engineering 1968 from Cardiff University under an oil sector scholarship to the UK. After graduation he started his career as an engineer in the Oil Projects Company (SCOP) of the Ministry of Oil and actively  participated in the planning, design , implementation and project management activities of a number of major projects in the Iraqi oil and gas sector including oilfield development , refineries and pipelines .During his long engineering  career he also worked on a number of projects in the oil sector of the UAE as well as a procurement manager at the Procurement Assistance Center (PAC) in the Ministry of Planning of Iraq where he participated as a member of the inter- ministerial committee in drafting the currently employed  Public Contracts Implementing Regulations 2008 as well as preparing the draft of the  first Iraqi Public Contracts Law yet under legislation.>

On the academic side Dr. Ihsan Al-Attar acted for several years as an external lecturer on the subject of Project Management & Building Economics in the University of Technology, Baghdad , where he also published a text book ( in Arabic) titled Project Management & Professional Relations sponsored by the said University. He also gave lectures and presented research papers and conducted training sessions in national and international conferences, workshops and seminars on subjects related to procurement and engineering project management. Dr.Al-Attar at present is a member of the Project Management Institute ( PMI ) , Federation of Arab Engineers ,and the Iraqi engineers union.



                                                             Dr. Ali Al-Mashat


Prof. DR Ali M Al-Mashat is a Member of Prime Minister’s Advisory Commission, Prime Minister’s Office, Baghdad, Iraq.>

Dr. Al – Mashat has been with PMAC / Energy sector department since 2009.

Dr. Al-Mashat use to be as UniDr. Al-Mashat use to be as University Professor in the Department of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering for more than 30 years. He severed at University of Baghdad for more than twenty five years and University of Qatar for more than five years Dr. Al-Mashat taught more than thirty undergraduate courses in the field of Petroleum & Chemical Engineering and more than fifteen graduate courses in the same fields.   He supervise so many M.Sc. thesis and Ph.D. dissertations in the fields of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering.