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***** دورة دراسة الجدوى - المرحلة الاولى  

***** دور القطاع الخاص العراقي في تفعيل مشاريع تنفيذ الطاقة  

***** حلقة نقاشية بعنوان "رؤية مستقبلية لتلبية حاجة المحطات الكهربائية للوقود" بالتعاون مع وزارتي النفط والكهرباء  

***** الحلقة النقاشية الاولى في 25 شباط 2012 بعنوان "دور التعليم العالي لتطوير قطاع الطاقة محور النفط والغاز"  

***** الحلقة النقاشية الثانية في 2 اذار 2013 بعنوان " الاسترتيجية الوطنية المتكاملة للطاقة "  

***** حلقات نقاشية حول ملف الطاقة في العراق  

***** مذكرة تفاهم مع شركة مهارات الزيت والغاز OGS  

***** اتفاقية تعاون(اكاديمية العراق للطاقة-وزارة النفط)  

 Kahtan Al-Anbaki



Full name: Al-Anbaki, Kahtan, Hamid, Jassim




EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS engineering. University of London 1963-1966

GCE Advanced level Cambridge University board Bath


Secondary school: AlEdadia Almarkazia Baghdad 1961




Nov.1966-Oct.1967 Control and with James Kilpatrik Co. Expansion of Tilbury thermal power station-Kent-England

March 1968. Appointed in state organization for oil refining in Daura

refinery, Taji gas plant, gas and sulpher recovery plant in Kirkuk and then head of maintenance department and upgraded to chief engineer

Jan. 1973-mid of 1978 chief eng. And project manager packaged refineries (10000 BLD design, engineering and supply by Howe Baker-


Ten refineries, Civil eng., erection, commissioning and handing over to south and mid refineries for operation location Nassiriah, Samawa, Kirkuk, Siennia (Baiji), Kisik (Mosul) and Doura.

Mid 1978 project manager of northern refineries complex of 3 refineries

2x 70000 B/D+1x150000 B/D with Hydro cracker of 50000 B/D. The complex was built grass-root.

Companies participated in: eng. Design, equipment and material delivery, erection, civil works…etc were technoexport-czech, montinvest-

Yogoslav, technipetrol-Italy, Chioda-Japan (uop patent for hydro cracker and reforming units),Ingeco-Italy and for the depots Russian company also many subcontracting companies from Turkey, China and India…etc.

Iraqi companies participated in the Civil works.

1982 appointed as a director general manager of above refinery complex.

1982 planning and execution of lubricating oil plant started in the northern refineries of (250000) ton/year, the plant was run in 1986.

The plant was built by Technip-France, Technipetrol-Italy, Technoexport-czech and Montinvest-yogoslav.

June 1986-Oct.1993 Director General Manager of oil equipment company-Baghdad-Daura.

A project was built to produce:

(36000) tons/year oil tanks (floating and fixed roofs) up to (82000) cubic meter floating roof tank.

(10000)tons/year pressure vessels ,towers ,reactors for process units up to

5.5 m diameter,65mm thickness.

(8000) tons/year heat exchangers 2.5m diameter.

Above fabrication is according to: ASME, ASTM, TEMA standards and to API spec. (BI-Jack software).

The project was built by Technoexport-Czech and Chepos-Czech with highly qualified cnc machinery and tools delivered mainly from Germany

and Austria.

The project played main role in building up (100000) B/D degassing station for oil extraction. The rehabilitation of South oil, North oil, South

refinery, Mid refinery and North refinery. Thermal power station Daura, South Baghdad, Baiji, Mussayab, Hartha…



Oct. 1993 appointed senior deputy minister-ministry of industry. Supervising engineering industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, national electrical power generation and distribution, engineering and design companies (chemicals, utilities…etc), petrochemical and fertilizers companies.

Electrical engineering companies for fabrication of substations, motor control centers, transformers, control systems, cables, and transmission

stranded cables.

Mechanical companies producing reinforced steel, pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, steel structures, elect. Towers, foundries…etc.

1994-1996 supervising Commission of power generation and distribution of the national grid.

Thermal, hydroelectric and gas turbine generation, transmission and


1994-2003 consultancies in conferences for power generation.



June 1996 appointed Director General Manager of special engineering industry institute.

It is a research institute deals with industrial technology (established in seventies by UNISCO).



Aug.1998-Nov.2003 Director general manager of national manufacturing for oil equipment –Ministry of oil.

Study and survey for the existing and planned projects to be executed for operation requirement to produce (3.5mB/D to 6mB/D) of equipments

(mechanical, electrical and chemical) as well as for refineries and depots, such as:

For mechanical:

Piping, degassing stations (tanks, pressure vessels such as separators, desalters and dehydrators, heat exchangers…etc), depots, refineries…

For electrical:

Control systems, substations, mcc, cables, transformers…etc

For chemical:

Water treatment, caustic soda, soda ash, demulsiphiers, pentonite, cement, chlorine…etc



Organize joints works between local industry and foreign companies for project execution in engineer procurement for materials and fabrication…etc

Development of existing local industry through the participation and supervision of foreign companies by joint venture, subcontracting

methods and soon so forth.



Above is a brief of the past experience.







USA,  UK,  France,  Italy,  Spain,  Sweden,  Holland,  Belgium,  Austria, Japan, Russia, China, Ukraine, Tatar Stan, Greece, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Turkey, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Syria.


National society for engineering inspection and civil protection: President


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